Thursday, October 2, 2008

exotic meat parties and other roman delights

one of my librarian colleagues recently told me of an "exotic meats party" that she had with her housemates. the party's highlights included a bear pot roast! and there were other amazing things, but all have been eclipsed by her story of the Enormous Ostrich Egg Benedict! for which a custom-made enormous english muffin had to be baked! she had some ingenious way of getting the egg whole out of the shell; her method involved the back of a kitchen knife and much tentative knocking at the shell.

as far as i know, the internet does not have a picture of ostrich eggs benedict for me. but it does have numerous articles and blogs concerning the eating of ostrich eggs. here is one that i liked, called Dessert Comes First. funny captions and glorious photos, i say. also an article about eating monitor lizard{puts on reading glasses}

Adventure with an Ostrich Egg

Adventure with Hot Tsokolate

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