Thursday, October 2, 2008

crazy stuff for a crazy day

according to neatorama and probably others, the fitbit is a little clip-on device that tracks your mileage, caloric burn, REM sleep patterns, and motion in general. you can put it in your pocket and it will still function as a pedometer. and it'll upload your info to its website for free. it sounds creepy, but satisfying for the curious. i want one. read more about it on MIT's Technology Review.

and in a complete non sequitur (sp?) extraordinaire, here is Urinary Tract Wallpaper from neatorama and LA Weekly. quite clever, i think.

and in a more drastic tangential tweak, scientists emphasize that HIV was already infecting humans in 1959. and they have samples that prove it, although there's much to be said about shaky computer-time-elapse models and formalin-damanged dna. but still, it's damn interesting. neatorama showed me, and i read more about it here.

and omg, you can spin your dog's hair into yarn and then weave that yarn into a scarf. or have some custom-made "keepsake" whipped up after the spinning, via VIP Fibers. the coyote on had his fur spun into yarn by a nice woman in idaho. and i think that is way cool.

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