Thursday, October 16, 2008

not too shabby

this playful site is updated daily until the election. click on over and fiddle with the oval office as interpreted by sarah palin. it's, like, totally fun.

and then there's this addictive little online video game, MotherLoad. the context is that you're a little drill machine getting started on Mars. you collect minerals, refuel to avoid imploding, and upgrade your vehicle and drill and fuel tanks. more valuable minerals are deeper! you get out with a cute little helicopter attachment. but if you land too hard, your hull will split and explode. upgrades include teleporting devices, nanobots to repair your hull, and DYNOMITES. ultimate time-waster of today.

update: i have basically finished MotherLoad - it has a silly ending, but the tense build-up towards the finish was intense! i heard the scary music in my head throughout the day. and i like that it remembers my computer when i want to play again, just for the fun of detonating plastic explosives, finding martian mummies, and mining amazonite.

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