Monday, October 20, 2008


it's funny, i was just fantasizing about my own little hover scooter. you know, for buzzing through the city and flattening pedestrians. i could hover smugly past hipster cyclists and those guys on segueways, too. how awesome would that be. WHAT DOES IT RUN ON, my god, TELL ME. i have $17,000 right here in my pocket... from geekologie and others who wish to hover, too.

oh, but the hover scooter website mentions that "the friction wheel makes contact with the ground, up to a maximum of approximately 15 mph." what kind of sloppy levitation is that?!


so here we have an electric, smoke-less cigarette, the "Crown 7 Hydro". wtf? actually, as someone who is quite affected by cigarette smoke, i appreciate their intentions here. let's all be a little less carcinogenic in our personal habits, i guess. and it only costs $80 to save your fellow human beings from second-hand smoke! it's sort of sci-fi, sort of like you're chewing on an expensive pen. it's from geekologie, too!


Ariadne said...

Ah, i remember the days when you chain smoked. tehe! ;)

Lindsey said...

i remember those days as well. it was all very fun and stimulating - until my third bout of bronchitis.