Tuesday, August 26, 2008

disgusting sushi cake is travesty

so, instead of having lovely tiers of artfully plated sushi, or eating sushi off a coffin-sized wooden presentation boat, or having sushi catered by imported japanese chefs, somebody decided to build a wedding cake out of sashimi. it seems to be decorated with little star cut-outs - sweet omelet? - plus edamame, piles of salmon roe, and slices of avocado. i'd say it's salmon on the bottom tier, then the dark red tuna, then the pale yellowtail on top.

that's about the way i'd do it myself. EXCEPT THAT MY SASHIMI CAKE WOULDN'T LOOK DISGUSTING. because i would NEVER ORDER a sashimi cake. my god, this is even worse than the "meat cakes" made of potted meat, meatloaf cream cheese, and maybe spam.

omg, i just threw up a little. Cake Wrecks is an awesome blog, way.

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