Tuesday, August 5, 2008

we've talked about mashimaro, right?

the somewhat thuggish korean cartoon character, mashimaro, is something like a pudgy white bunny with a plunger stuck to this head. he does nasty things to others, and has been known to steal sandwiches. he probably drinks beer and smokes cigars. he is like the antithesis of hello kitty, say. read a little more about mashimaro on his wikipedia page.

the image above is sort of a play on the autumn harvest "rabbit in the moon" - the traditional rabbit in the moon is pounding mochi, a sticky rice flour dough. obviously mashimaro is on the john and unmoved. this image is explained when you watch a certain animated mashimaro episode.

click on over to here, scroll down, and select flash mashimaro episodes to view. beware of extreme toilet humor and general grossness, juxtaposed with mashimaro's cute pudgy marshmallow exterior.

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