Wednesday, August 20, 2008

mutant cats and gps tortoises

according to the UK's Daily Mail, and to cuteoverload, and quite a few others, there is a four-eared cat in chicago. his name is yoda and he's pretty cute. click here for the article and some pictures, but google could also get you some good stuff. i used the Daily Mail here because they seem more enthusiastic about four-ear cats than the american news sites.

and then, did you hear about the pot farmers caught by a wandering gps-fitted tortoise? found the article via neatorama and geekologie, but here is a link to what i think is the original article. okay, so it is a turtle after all - a box turtle. i thought turtles were in the water and tortoises were on land, though. wikipedia's entry on Turtle gives me a nice summary on "turtle, tortoise, or terrapin?"

finally, procrastinate by doing a little reverse-reference and playing Guess The Google. it's a nifty flash game wherein you must guess the original keyword used for the displayed image results. it's like Google Jeopardy, OMFG. and it's time to get "WZL" off the highest scores list. librarians, to the URL! this niftiness is from neatorama.

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