Monday, August 11, 2008

yokohama's ice cream expo has flavors, yes

celebrating the 130th anniversary of ice cream being introduced to japan, yokohama's ice cream expo included such flavors as beef tongue, eel, cheese, beer, garlic (!!!), potato, crab, prawn, raw horse meat, and thinly sliced pearls(!!!omfg!!).

why don't we get this crazy in the united states, you know? we certainly don't have to get as crazy as serving horse sashimi ice cream, but i think we should definitely go for guiness ice cream, garlic ice cream, double chocolate stout ice cream, wasabi ice cream... and let me tell you right now, both cucumber mint and watermelon mint ice cream ROCK MY WORLD. in gelato form, too. i could probably go for lemon basil ice cream. and that burnt caramel ice cream i tried was actually really good - smoky, sweet, a little bitter. depth, interest, contrast, freedom, FLAVOR DISINHIBITION! that's what this country really needs.

oh, i guess we'll have to try smoked oyster ice cream and bacon ice cream, too.

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