Tuesday, August 12, 2008

you know my list of Linky Links rocks hard

just added: Weird Asia News and Where Is Bob? both brilliant, of course. and i just looked at LISnews again, and it's really good. the internet is just so goshdarn awesome sometimes.

reading Stalking the Wild Asparagus makes me want to sneak around with a pair of pruners and an asparagus knife. i'd just snip and dig and peel my way into Wild Vegetable Land. you can eat day lily buds, boil them like green beans! you can eat cattail tubers! i don't even know what japanese knotweed looks like, but you can eat it!

if it says Field Guide on the cover, then by golly i want to read it.

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Ariadne said...

yeah so...i was quite smashed last night (one of my kitties is missing, i r distressed) and your links kept me amused and feeling a bit better for hours....