Friday, August 29, 2008

more animals that challenge your taxonomy

found a list of endangered weirdo animals via neatorama and webecoist. enjoy this crazy stuff, and certainly get more information using the links. here are some of my faves:

The Kakapo - the flightless nocturnal green parrot of New Zealand. it could probably eat my dog. wait, that's the Kea, another New Zealand parrot known for its habit of dive-bombing sheep, ripping out the wool on their backs, and eating their back-fat! (New Zealand animals might even be crazier than Aussie animals: also on the islands is the kiwi, world's smallest member of the ostrich family, and once upon time, the giant moa weighing up to 500 lbs.)

The Solenodon - another one of those rare, primordial venomous mammals! shrew-like, kinda ugly. o, evolution, you tickle me sometimes...remember the platypus with its eggs, its milk, its reptilian waddle and venomous spur! i love it.

The Bumblebee Bat - yes, the same size as a bumblebee. also hovers like a hummingbird. and makes an adorable brooch? i'll take ten!

The Aye-aye - a small primate of madagascar that - maybe - finds its prey via echolocation. just like dolphins and bats, what! "wait, i'll ping you!"

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