Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Solid Gold nostalgia

hey, i was just thinking about the tv show, Solid Gold. so i was just a little squirt then, but i guess the scantily-clad dancers made an impression. so i thought i'd look it up on youtube, and of course there is a banquet of Solid Gold opening sequences and Top 10 countdowns! here's a countdown from the 1985 season. take note of the spike-heel, slouch-boot, zebra-print, crazy-hair, pink leotard madness!

it's so 80's, it's like a parody of the 80's. i say that now, but i totally had a pair of tights with hot pink and neon green accents. plus, there was puff paint. and ripped stonewashed jeans with contrasting patches! c'mon, i was a little kid. and now you know about how old i am, shoot!

well, i got started thinking about Solid Gold due to obsessively grooving to sylvester's cover of Band of Gold (originally sung by Belinda Carlisle, et al, right?). which is a song about a failed marriage, but i prefer to think it's really about Solid Gold, big hair, and sparkly gold lame boob-tube tops.

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