Monday, August 11, 2008

famous canine companions

neatorama put together a short list of famous canines on the anniversary of rin-tin-tin's death (that was apparently august 10th, 1932). click here for the list, but not before you get a box of tissues and a teddy bear. i'm going home in an hour, and when i do, i'm gonna kiss my dog. and maybe cry a little.

i'll add balto the alaskan sled dog to my personal list - however, wikipedia is telling me that the antitoxin was relayed by many different teams of sled dogs. which makes sense, since overall the antitoxin had to travel more than 1000 miles in the least possible time, during a blizzard. balto's team just ran the last stretch, though the longest and most difficult stretch was led by another team and another whammo lead dog, togo. there were different teams, different sledders. I SMELL SCANDAL. but, here is taxidermy balto for reference.

i did not know: that the iditarod sled dog race is based on the route run by those sled dogs and their precious diptheria antitoxin.

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