Tuesday, August 5, 2008

fubar'd but still kicking

you know what's fun? calling tech support and having someone come out and replace your NIC card, and then having your entire computer implode over the next two weeks; replacing the system board, the power supply, and the ports...all in vain! my good ol' desktop is thrashed, folks. but the good news is, i get a new one for free.

so aside from that, and spotty home internet, and my cable tv not working, all is well! i owe many links - how about a satisfying list format?

they've got a theory: global warming won't affect hurricane frequency

click here for the discovery news article. prepare yourself for the d'oh! factor. conclusion: it's all conjecture and people attempting to be clever about the unknowable. that's all for today's lecture on existential metaphysics, kids.

neatorama is all abuzz over rumors that the mars probe found bacteria (maybe!)

you have to click it, before you lick it... i don't even remember how that song goes.

finally, time magazine and neatorama bring us cutecalling cards for the info age!
a quaint habit from stodgy victorian times? a comfortable ritual from business before social networking everything? well, print yourself some adorable cards with your email and your aim and your twitter and your blog, and whatever else, and hand 'em out. people need to get in touch with you RIGHT NOW, OMFG. you are more than your job, so put a little personality into it. and while you're waiting for the cards, why not abuse your gmail mobile app and let that guy behind you on the bus read through your inbox? that's what i like to do.

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